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"It’s irreplaceable. I haven’t seen anything else that compares to GIDEON."

- Dr. Jeffrey P. Gumprecht, MD, Associate Clinical Professor, Mount Sinai Medical Center


1. Differential diagnosis toolkit

Medical doctors can make use of GIDEON's Probability engine - a Differential
Diagnosis clinical decision support tool, powered by a massive quantity of
published medical research and geographical medicine data.


2. Point-of-Care diagnosis support

GIDEON offers a step-by-step, Bayesian analysis-based Differential Diagnosis
facility to help point of care physicians and students generate a ranked
probability list of diseases.


3. Geographical context

GIDEON maintains a dedicated geographical distribution data set for over 360
Infectious Diseases, which defines the endemic countries and provides
country-specific notes and an in-depth analysis of global distribution.


4. First Case Scenario

GIDEON First Case Scenario feature was developed in consultation with the
World Health Organization. It is designed to identify the initial cases of known
diseases in new settings.


5. Drugs and vaccines

GIDEON supports pharmacoepidemiologists by listing
over 330 anti-infective drugs and 70+ vaccines (30,000 trade names), and
allows comparison of toxic effects, interactions, contraindications, and
therapeutic spectra for each drug.


6. Dynamic comparison tables


Clinicians can generate side-by-side comparison tables for any Infectious
Disease and drug - adding up to 10 at a time!


7. Travel medicine support


GIDEON is ideally suited to support Travel Medicine specialists. The database
maintains travel guidelines, historical vaccination coverage graphs, routine
vaccination schedules, and a list of Infectious Diseases relevant to each of the
230+ geographical areas covered in the database.


8. Maintained by experts

All content is curated by a team of highly regarded medical scientists who are
updating the GIDEON database daily. References are from reputable sources
such as Health Ministry reports, PubMed, and ProMED.


9. Unparalleled epidemiological context

GIDEON chronicles over 77,000 diseases/pathogen prevalence surveys and
25,000+ outbreak records, with extensive detail regarding case numbers,
deaths, a specific population, disease vehicle, and linked references.


10. Over 2000 pathogens

GIDEON's database contains in-depth phenotype information on over 2,000
bacteria, mycobacteria, and yeasts.