As of October 19, 2020, 212 SARS-CoV-2 candidate vaccines were under development worldwide. Fifty of these were under clinical evaluation and 162 in preclinical development: This list includes 14 inactivated vaccines, four live attenuated vaccines, 72 protein subunit vaccines, 17 DNA vaccines, 27 RNA-based vaccines, 16 virus-like particle (VLP) vaccines, 26 non-replicating viral vector vaccines, and 18 replicating viral vector vaccines.

Among the vaccines in clinical trials, eight are inactivated vaccines, 15 protein subunit vaccines, six DNA vaccines, six RNA-based vaccines, two VLPs vaccines, nine non-replicating viral vector vaccines, and four replicating viral vector vaccines. As newer vaccines are released for general use we will continue to update GIDEON® accordingly.