All sources used by GIDEON® are peer-reviewed and backed by scientific evidence. Most are considered premier scientific sources, meaning uncontrolled or poorly-analyzed studies will not appear in these publications.

This also holds for websites used in maintaining GIDEON®. Virtually all are governmental sites. Reputable computer lists in the field are used in a manner that fits the standards of evidence-based medicine. 

For example, although ProMED is considered THE site for new and ongoing outbreaks, many of its sources consist of newspapers and news agencies. Therefore we cite ProMED in circumstances where this is the only information source for a given outbreak (often in underdeveloped and remote areas). 

GIDEON® provides in-text references, which further supports GIDEON® as an Evidence-Based Medicine database. Users can view, navigate to, or download all source information and reach their own conclusions regarding the credibility of those sources if needed.